Brief Description of Main Research Areas

Research in design optimization and identification is being carried out in collaboration with groups in the UK, The Netherlands, Japan, Denmark and Russia.

Design optimization enables increasing performance characteristics to be obtained, whilst at the same time reducing the cost of designed structures and other engineering systems. It is based on finite element (FE) simulation and advanced optimization techniques.

Material parameter identification problems arise in the implementation of advanced materials. The identification approach, developed in collaboration with Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) and Hiroshima University (Japan) allows the determination of material parameters by the comparison of a structural response predicted by a numerical model, to the response observed in laboratory experiments.

Structural damage recognition is also based on FE simulation and identification techniques. It allows to find the location of damaged structural elements and the extent of damage by minimising the discrepancy between the response predicted by a FE model and the response measured in the course of experiments or operation.

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