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Academic Misconduct: Information for students

One of the key factors in a university education is the knowledge that your achievements will be fully recognised by your friends, families and employers. As you will realise, it is important that the University maintains and upholds its high academic standards. Consequently the quality of the University's awards is undermined by academic misconduct; this is not good for the University or for its students, as it damages the reputation of the University and undermines the value of your degree in the marketplace.

Academic misconduct basically means cheating.

  • If you cheat and get caught it will have serious consequences for your University career.
  • If you cheat and don't get caught it will soon become apparent when you get a job that your qualifications do not match your ability.

All instances of academic misconduct brought to the attention of the University will be investigated and the University reserves the right to use any fair and reasonable means to identify instances of academic misconduct.

It is not acceptable to say that you do not know what academic misconduct is because you have never read any of the guidance. It is your responsibility to ensure that you look at the information about plagiarism and referencing that your Faculty provides in handbooks and on Blackboard.

If you are an overseas student you may find UK referencing conventions quite different to those in your home country. Respecting intellectual property rights - that is the ownership of an idea or a piece of academic work - is an important issue. Remember, if you are unsure of the rules, ask your tutor for advice or visit the Academic Skills Advice for guidance.

Please take some time to read the information provided via the links below; this explains the University of Bradford regulations on the development and submission of coursework and on the conduct exams. It also tells you very clearly what UK Universities mean by academic misconduct, how to avoid it and what will happen if an allegation is made against you.

Further information for Students

Please note the Student Casework Team will write to the students detailing the allegation against them and will provide a copy of the evidence presented by the faculty. All correspondence will be sent to the student via email to their Bradford email account and personal email account unless they inform the Student Casework Team otherwise.

Where a student has graduated from, or left the University, their personal email address will be used if provided. The contact details used will be those held within the University of Bradford student records system.  It is the students responsibility to ensure that the details held are up to date.

Academic Misconduct Regulations Download Academic Misconduct Regulations
(PDF, 310kb)
Download Academic Misconduct Regulations
(Word, 236kb)
Regulation 7: Assessment Regulations Download Regulation 7: Assessment Regulations
(Word, 63.4kb)
Download Regulation 7: Assessment Regulations
(PDF, 115kb)
What is academic misconduct Download What is academic misconduct
(PDF, 85kb)
Download What is academic misconduct
(Word, 18kb)
Fitness to Practice Procedure Download Fitness to Practice Procedure
(PDF, 150kb)
Download Fitness to Practice Procedure
(Word, 32.6kb)
Academic Misconduct Hearing Form

Academic Misconduct Hearing Form

Download Academic Misconduct Hearing Form
(Word, 16.5kb)