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Listening to You (the student voice)

At Bradford we aim to work in partnership with our students to understand, support and enhance the student experience.  The student voice is essential to this and therefore whilst studying here, there are a range of mechanisms through which students can tell us about how they are finding their time at Bradford.  Both collective and individual feedback is important to us and students can engage in dialogue with staff and other students, underpinned by a shared approach of open-ness and mutual respect.  Obtaining and utilising our students’ voices allows us to make positive changes based on what our students think.  It also enables students to play a key role in shaping and enhancing the University of Bradford student experience – for both current and future students. 

One of the main ways we gather student views and suggestions is via student experience surveys.  These are available to all students at various stages of their study and provide an important chance for students to have their say no matter what programme or level they are on.  Our main surveys are as follows:

National Student Survey (NSS) - largely for final year undergraduate students

Bradford Student Survey (BSS) - for all other undergraduate students

Info on the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) - for taught postgraduate students

PRES - for postgraduate research students

Our student representative system is another essential aspect of ensuring students can be active in shaping their student experience.  Representatives can take student views to various staff/student events and decision making meetings, committees and boards.  All students have the opportunity to put themselves forward to be a Student Representative or be represented by a fellow student.

Alongside these mechanisms, there are numerous other ways to get involved. Including:

  • Completing module evaluations for your programme
  • Attending various meetings as advertised for student and staff discussions – such as student forums and assemblies etc..  These may run at programme, department, faculty or institutional level and can be arranged and led by students as well as staff
  • Getting involved with Student’s Union activity
  • Taking part in student focus groups, interviews or other research activities that are advertised
  • Volunteering/applying for specific roles or opportunities to enhance teaching and learning or the wider student experience 
  • Various extra-curricular activities (such as societies, sports, peer support, employability opportunities).  These may not be directly involved in communicating student views to develop learning and teaching practices, but do involve students engaging in activity that can support and enhance their student experience and that of others.

We welcome new ideas and opportunities to hear the student voice and for students to get involved in developing and enhancing the student experience.  Therefore if you would like to raise your own suggestions or to obtain support for an initiative you wish to develop, then please get in touch with the Student Experience & Success Team.


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