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Practice and Evaluation in the Student Experience

Significant research and evaluation has been undertaken at Bradford to investigate and explore the student experience and related practice. The links below will take you to more information about a selection of current and past research projects.

Project Timescale Funder 

Understanding the value of a pre-arrival transition summer school for mature students

 2015  AMOSSHE

Peer Assisted Learning

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

2012 - 2013

National HE STEM Program

Student Engagement and Belonging

Exploring Student Understandings of Belonging on Campus


Higher Education Academy

Higher Education Retention & Engagement (HERE) project

This three year project formed part of the Higher Education Academy’s (HEA) ‘What Works? Student Retention & Success’ programme.

The HEA’s overall Final Report for the programme and an executive summary are also available:

HEA Final Report

HEA Summary Report

2008 - 2011

Higher Education Academy

SIS Landscape Study   2009 JISC
Literature Review: "How can technology be used to improve the learner experience at points of transition? 2009-10 Higher Education Academy 
BME Attainment Summit Programme 2009-2010  Higher Education Academy
Review Into Uses of Social Networking 2009 JISC
AimHigher West Yorkshire Regional Retention Network    2008-2011  AimHigher West Yorkshire


2008-2011  NTFS/Higher Education Academy
LearnHigher CETL: Groupwork Learning Area 2005-2010   HEFCE
JISC Learning Literacies in a Digital Age  
2008-2009  JISC
Pathfinder: Developing the Extended Student 2007-2008  Higher Education Academy  
e-Learning Research Observatory: Evaluating Systematic Online Transition to HE  (initial link, more information to be built as part of site)  2007-2008  Higher Education Academy  
Digital Typology  2006-2008 JISC

Internal Research

ProjectAdditional Information
National Student Survey (NSS)  
National Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)  
National Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES)  
Internal Bradford Student Survey (BSS)  

Students can also provide feedback on their experiences and make suggestions via our Listening to You page.

Wider Interest

For further information and resources relating to student experience research you may wish to visit the following:

Higher Education Academy - Student engagement

Higher Education Academy - Retention and success

Higher Education Academy - Retention archives

Improving the student experience