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Student Participation Project

The Student Participation Project ran as part of the Bradford Excellence Programme's Student Administration Work Stream.  It was completed in July 2017 and had been developed into a new project for 2017/18 - call 'My Bradford Stories'.  More information on the new project will be available soon.

You can find out about what the Student Participation Project was and its outcomes below.

Student Participation Project

This project aims to enable a proactive approach to student and staff engagement in developing university services.  It intends to capture the experiences and views of students and staff regarding key ‘non-academic’ university processes and experiences.  Through diaries, photos, videos and student/staff discussion it aims to offer the space to reflect on practices and initiate change.  Ultimately it strives to support a partnership approach to developing enhancements to the student experience and provide practical suggestions to support this.

The project froms part of the Bradford Excellence Programme's Student Administration Work Stream and our Students as Partners activity.


Project Objectives

The objectives of the project are to deliver the following benefits:

  1. To capture the student voice regarding their experiences of key university events/processes
  2. To provide an opportunity for staff and students to reflect on practice and work in partnership to initiate change
  3. To develop an overview of good practice for key processes and activity and any recommendations for enhancement, to be utilised by professional services (and other) staff


Project Approach

  • Small scale and qualitative - not aiming to be representative, but to offer individual experiences and depth
  • Establish small staff student groups for reflection and discussion - meet monthly
  • Students can upload reflections, photos etc. to a shared blackboard group
  • Topic suggestions available to help generate conversations, but open to groups to discuss what was important to them
  • Non-hierarchical approach
  • Key positives and issues recorded and group suggestions for change made
  • Project supported by Student Project Leads, with input from staff and UBU contacts

Project Timings and Participants

  • Pilot phase ran from January to July 2016
  • Main project phase launched August 2016 and over Septemeber 2016 to July 2017
  • January starter students – pilot phase
  • September starter and returning students - main phase
  • All student participants are paid for their involvement
  • Student Project Leads who co-run the project are also paid and receive recognition on their HEAR
  • Staff recruited from Professional Services and Faculty Admin
Project Findings
  • Group feedback notes and suggestions generated 
  • Summaries circulated to relevant staff teams
  • Connections to other student feedback – e.g. student surveys (NSS eta.) and SSLCs
  • ‘Academic’ issues raised – to feed to Faculties
Project Benefits
  • Personal and in-depth feedback on the student experience
  • Relationship building – connections between staff and students
  • Values students and the student voice
  • Students feel part of something - helps to build a learning community
  • Opportunity for staff and students to meet and to work together to make enhancements
  • Students find out more about the university
  • Great (student generated) suggestions for change made
  • Small group, open and informal nature of the discussions
  • Interdisciplinary approach gave the opportunity to meet other people and share a diverse range of views
  • Employability skills development for Student Project Leads
  • Interesting and valuable feedback that is helping to inform the developments of the Student Administration Work Stream and wider projects

If you would like to find out more about the Student Participation Project - then please email Ruth Lefever (Project Manager) on