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Students as Partners

As part of our approach to student engagement and our overall partnership ethos of working with students, a ‘Students as Partners’ hub is based in Student and Academic Services (SAS). This is coordinated by the Student Experience and Success Team (SEST) but may involve other sections of SAS working in conjunction with various teams and staff across the university (e.g. Faculties and Programme Teams, UBU etc.).

The approach aims to bring together a range of student engagement work and to develop further opportunities to work alongside students, engage them, foster a sense of belonging and to help build an active university community based on student and staff collaboration and partnership. All of which strive to improve and enhance the student experience at Bradford.

Students as Partners incorporates a number of different schemes currently coordinated or under development by SEST.  This includes our wider student representation work in partnership with UBU, and the following:

Student Peer Support

Encouraging and enabling students to support each other and work together as partners in their learning community is a key part of this approach.  A number of Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) schemes run at the university and these involve students in second and/or third year facilitating group sessions with first year students.  Our schemes primarily aim to support:

  • Student transition into and engagement with university and study life
  • The employability of students that lead sessions

The sessions are student led and are coordinated centrally by SEST in partnership with programme teams.  Schemes can be tailored to support particular groups and SEST also support the development of student mentoring schemes.  Please contact SEST if you are interested or would like to know more.

Students as Researchers

SEST already offer a number of opportunities for students to get involved in research activity.  Projects are likely to be in the field of learning and teaching or the student experience and could be internally led or externally funded.  

In addition, we are currently developing a broader 'Students as Researchers' scheme that will aim to engage students and staff from areas across the university in collaborative research projects, and offer undergraduate students in particular the chance to directly experience research.  

Recent projects in the scheme have incuded:

Student Experience Surveys Qualitative Analysis

Collaborative learning through social networks: an exploration into the evolution of an undergraduate pharmacy student-led Facebook group

If you would like to discuss a possible project for the Students as Researchers scheme please contact SEST.

Student Associates for Learning and Teaching/Curriculum Development

This area focuses on collaborating with students to make positive change and developments to their teaching and learning and wider student experience.   SEST and the Centre for Educational Development (CED) are currently developing this opportunity and anyone interested should contact SEST.

Student internships  (SEST)

Various intern opportunities already exist in SEST.  For example, we participate in Careers’ Graduate and Summer Experience Schemes and the Postgraduate Certificate of Employability work placements.  SEST also offers a year-long internship for a recent University of Bradford graduate to work on student experience related projects.