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Student engagement

At Bradford, we view the student experience as incorporating four key areas: 

  • The academic experience
  • The social experience
  • The co and extra-curricular experience
  • Welfare and support matters

Student engagement therefore, aims to encourage and enable involvement in these areas.  It should be considered at all stages and transitions of the student lifecycle and journey, from pre-arrival, through early transition and induction into university, to progressions and transitions between levels and beyond study.  Similarly, it is important at all levels of the institution and for all staff, and aims to consider all students and the wider community.

We therefore define student engagement as: a combination of involvement in the academic and social aspects of higher education level studies.  This includes participation in extra and co-curricular activities and access to student and welfare support.  We aim to ensure that the institution hears and responds to the views and thoughts of our students and overall, we strive to work in partnership with our students to understand, support and enhance the student experience.

We strive to encourage all students to be as engaged as possible in their studies and wider university experience and to make the most of their time at university.  As well as regular activity related to the programme of study, there will be various extra-curricular and other opportunities on offer for students.  These could include societies, sports, peer support schemes and various employability opportunities which are offered across Faculties, Directorates and the Students Union. 

Alongside such activities students can also get involved by sharing their views and ideas.  The student voice is essential to our development and therefore whilst studying here, there are a range of mechanisms through which students can tell us about how they are finding their time at Bradford.  Both collective and individual feedback is important to us and students can engage in dialogue with staff and other students, underpinned by a shared approach of open-ness and mutual respect.  Obtaining and utilising our students’ voices allows us to make positive changes based on what our students think.  It also enables students to play a key role in shaping and enhancing the University of Bradford student experience – for both current and future students.


Much of our approach is informed by HE sector research and practice, particularly with regards to student retention and success.  We have contributed to national and internal research in this field and aim to utilise current and emerging evidence and best practice to inform our approach and activity regarding student engagement, the student experience and student success.