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Bradford Student Survey (BSS)

The Bradford Student Survey (BSS) is an internal survey which replicates the National Student Survey (NSS). It can be completed by undergraduates not eligible to take the NSS (largely non-final year students) from 5 February 2018.

All students who complete a survey will be entered into a draw to win a £25 print credit.

About the BSS

Alongside the NSS and the national postgraduate surveys (PTES and PRES), the BSS enables us to capture the experiences and views of all our students at Bradford, and offers you the opportunity to give us your feedback and suggestions.

The BSS covers the following areas:

  • Teaching on my course.
  • Learning opportunities.
  • Assessment and feedback.
  • Academic support.
  • Organisation and management.
  • Learning resources.
  • Learning community.
  • Student voice.
  • Overall satisfaction with the quality of the course.
  • Personal development.
  • Course delivery.

When is it available?

The survey will be available from 5 February 2018.

How long does it take to fill in?

The online survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Are my answers anonymous?


Responses are confidential.  We will know which students have responded so we don't send you reminder emails, but all data collected will be anonymous in analysis and dissemination and will be held securely. 

Do I have to do it?


Participation is completely voluntary.

You can either simply not participate, or respond when contacted to say that you would like to opt out.

However, for us to get the fullest picture of what students at Bradford think, we need as many students as possible to participate.

All students who participate will be entitled to a number of incentives, as listed above.  

How do I participate?

An email invite will be sent to eligible students (to Bradford student email addresses) with the link to complete the survey during the week commencing 5 February 2018.

Reminders will then be sent over the survey period to encourage participation.

Eligible students can also access the BSS here and through Blackboard.

Resources for staff

Staff can obtain promotional material to use with students via the Information for staff webpage.

Further information

If you have any questions about the BSS, please contact the Programme Management Office by emailing: