Pre-arrival information

Before you arrive, its important you know where to go and how to collect your keys, so you can start unpacking and kick start your new life in Bradford.

The Green: arrival information

If you've completed and accepted and offer for accommodation you should go straight to: Reception, The Green.

If you have not completed and accepted an offer for accommodation you should go to: MyBradford - Student Support, Richmond Building, City Campus.

The Green: arrival information

Arriving by car

  • Free car parking is available over the moving in weekend in University car parks on Longside Lane.
  • On arrival please park and make your way down to The Orchard, The Green, to book in and collect your room key.
  • Once you have your room key, visit your house/flat.
  • You can then collect your car, drive on to The Green near where you'll be living to offload your belongings.
  • As the site is very busy you will be asked to offload as quickly as possible and then move your car back to the main car park.
  • Over the moving in weekend student volunteers and staff will based around the site to keep traffic moving and help you move in.

How to find us map parking the green

Key collection

If you have accepted your offer of accommodation at The Green, you can collect your keys from The Orchard Reception located in the heart of The Green student village.

If you have not accepted your offer of accommodation at The Green or haven't yet applied, please go to MyBradford - Student Support in the Richmond Building on arrival.

For privately-owned halls of residence key collection is usually from the reception desk in those halls, full details will be in your offer of accommodation.

Students living in private accommodation should arrange arrival date and time and your key collection directly with your landlord.

Start packing your bags

Our students voted the following as absolute must haves to bring with you to university:

A laptop

Laptops are a great way to take notes during lectures, watch films and connect with your friends wherever you are. They're also your portable study space which you can take with you all over campus so you never have to worry about there not being enough computers in the library around deadlines.

Important documents

When you come to university, you'll be asked to bring various documents and forms of ID – these are needed to ensure you can quickly enrol and get settled in. Make sure you have your exam results, UCAS letter, passport/ID and anything else you are asked to bring.

The right size bedding

Although this seems obvious, university halls often have 3/4 size beds so it's worth double checking before you go out and buy your bedding. If you can't find anything suitable it's a good idea to get a size bigger.


Make sure you bring a few extra plates and bowls as they will go missing or get broken. Also buying distinguishable cutlery and crockery will stop things getting mixed up with your housemates.

Fancy dress outfits

Nothing will get you bonding with your housemates and making new friends like a few good fancy dress outfits. There will be certain themes for different student nights out so bring everything you have!

Sports equipment

It's easy to get out of shape at university so make sure you bring any sports equipment or gym clothes to stay healthy. Get involved in any of the sports teams – whether you're semi-pro or have never tried it before it's a great way to meet new people and keep busy out of class.

Student railcard

If you plan to visit your friends or go home regularly then buying a student railcard will save you money in the long run.

Portable speakers

Wireless speakers are great for parties, cooking, revising and relaxing – so you better get creating your playlists.

So there you have it, make sure you're all kitted out for the big move!

The Green Welcome Pack
The Green Welcome Pack
Download The Green Welcome Pack
(PDF, 12.6 MB)

The big move in

Once you've moved into your room, you'll find a free Dig In box packed with discounts and giveaways for you to enjoy with your new housemates.

There will also be tons of social activities happening in The Green and on campus when you arrive. Head down to the Welcome BBQ at 18:00 on Saturday 16 September for a chance to meet everyone.

Green Ambassadors

Living at The Green means you'll be a part of a close-knit community, our Green Ambassadors are a team of students that organise social events, trips, competitions and games – so you'll have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make lots of friends as soon as you arrive.

Green Ambassadors

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