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Campus Accessibility

Lecture Room Facilities

  • All the main teaching buildings have lifts.
  • Most lecture theatres are wheelchair accessible
  • Lecture theatres are being gradually refurbished with infrared hearing systems
  • Portable loop systems and other types of individual audio aids are available for loan from the Disability Service
  • As part of our Access Strategy we are continuously upgrading and improving access

Level Access

The majority of University campus is wheelchair accessible, despite the difficulties of having changes in level.

A small number of Schools and Divisions do not currently have access to all rooms.

If you need level access, you should check with the Disability Service before coming to the University to make sure that the School that you want to study in has appropriate access and if not, to allow time for reasonable adjustments to be made.


We have a number of accessible rooms in our Halls of Residence with en-suite facilities suitable for wheelchair users. Additional adaptations can be made before you arrive. Some student kitchens have been adapted for use by disabled students. All study-bedrooms have internet connection. 

A room in Halls for the full length of your course can be arranged. The Accommodation Office has its own booklet giving details of all the accommodation available. It also contains an application from with questions relating to disability and adjustments, so that individual needs can betaken into account when allocating rooms.

Deaf Alerter

Deaf Alerter is a radio-based fire alarm warning and public address messaging system for Deaf and hearing impaired people. We have a Deaf Alerter system installed throughout the University campus. If you are Deaf or hearing impaired you should contact the Disability Service so that you can be supplied with a vibrating pager on request. There is no charge for this service.

PEEPs (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans)

The Disability Service is currently working with the Health and Safety Unit to introduce a PEEP system for disabled students and staff.

Using a questionnaire, we will draw up a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan with you as part of the University's Health and Safety compliance. If you feel this is appropriate for you, please contact the Disability Service as soon as you arrive so that we can get this process under way. The questionnaire aims to be inclusive. It focuses on your abilities and the capabilities of the buildings, and is designed to make sure that you have safe egress form all areas. You do not have to be registered with us for any other reason, to have a plan drawn up.

Transport and Parking

Bradford is well served by public transport, having good bus services and two train stations nearby. The local council also has a number of wheelchair-accessible taxis, and the Disability Service has an account arrangement with a local company which provides an accessible taxi service. If you incur extra travel costs getting to and from University due to your impairment, you may be able to get some of the costs paid through the DSA.

The University of Bradford has car parking facilities, but there are some restrictions, which result from our support to an environmental policy on car use.

If you are a 'blue badge' holder, you will have automatic access to accessible parking bays. You may also be eligible for free car parking or for a permit within the restrictions, even if you do not qualify for a 'blue badge'. To apply for a permit, you should contact us at the Disability Service. You will need to provide medical or other evidence to support your application.

Leisure Facilities


In the last few years, our Sports Centre has gone under refurbishment and relocation. Unique Fitness & Lifestyle has excellent facilities for indoor and outdoor sports and recreation. Disabled students may be able to obtain concessions for Sports Centre activities. Please ask the Disability Service for details.

Theatre in the Mill

The University has its own theatre, the Theatre-in-the-Mill, which stages many productions throughout the year. The Mill has undergone substantial building works with a new lift to facilitate wheelchair access to the performance space, and extensive refurbishment in the foyer.


The visual arts programme on campus is based at in the Chesham Building. The gallery has level access.

Tasmin Little Music Centre

The University has a number of musical activities which take place in the . There are practice rooms and a rehearsal / concert hall. The Centre has level access.

Students' Union

The Students' Union provides services, entertainment, resources and political representation for all its members. The Students' Union is based in Student Central. Most of the bars and entertainment facilities are accessible.