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Paediatric Clinic

kid having ophthalmoscopy The Eye Clinic is well equipped to undertake Paediatric Eyecare appointments (the assessment of infants' and children's vision and eyes). In these clinics we have many techniques to assess the development of the eyes and vision, which are objective, i.e. they do not require feedback from the child. These techniques include a variety of specialist eye charts designed specifically for vision assessment in children.

The main Paediatric Clinic is run in conjunction with orthoptists from Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and provides ongoing care for children who have experienced difficulties in achieving an acceptable standard of vision when assessed in school as part of the school screening programme. Only children who have been referred to Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust can be seen within this clinic.

We also provide children's eyecare appointments with experienced practitioners independently from this scheme, within the primary care and binocular vision clinics. All children are able to access this clinical service. Specialist contact lenses to slow the development of short sight can be fitted to children and teenagers in our contact lens clinics. 

Children may be referred to us by eyecare or other healthcare professionals. Examination of the eyes may be suggested by a teacher, or parents may simply wish to have their children's vision tested to ensure that it is developing normally.



Paediatric Assessment charges

All children under the age of 16 years have their routine eye care paid for by the NHS.



Appointment checklist

To provide your child with the best possible care, it is helpful if you bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • Their last spectacle prescription (if they have had their eyes tested before)
  • All spectacles they currently use
  • A list of any current medication
  • Their GP's details



Making an appointment

Older children may be booked into the general Primary Care clinics. We recommend that younger children and infants attend one of the Binocular Vision clinic sessions. Speak to our helpful reception staff to determine the best clinic for your child.
Eye care practitioners wishing to refer a child can download a referral form for this purpose.