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More than a degree

Sport at the University of Bradford allows students to enjoy memorable moments away from their studies.

Volleyball star and Project Planning and Management Master's student Fred is enjoying a particularly prosperous 2017. He’s tasted Varsity victory with the Mavericks, his university club, and achieved a prestigious individual title from Volleyball’s governing body.

Sweet victory

As an integral member of the Mavericks, Fred appeared at his fifth annual Varsity tournament, in which he helped his club to a hard-fought 3-2 victory over their fiercest rivals, the University of Huddersfield.

Volleyball celebrate win at Varsity

Individual honours

Shortly before Varsity, Fred was also honoured for his individual sporting contribution. Volleyball England, the sport’s governing body in the UK, named Fred the Higher Education Volleyball Officer (HEVO) of the year, a title which recognises his personal impact on university Volleyball.


"I received the award for my work towards the development of Volleyball in Bradford. I ran a number of voluntary initiatives including open sessions in the city during the Olympics, weekly campus sessions, and sitting Volleyball sessions in a local care home."

Frederick Nyasha Kufa
Mavericks and Bradford Dogs Volleyball

HEVO of the year

The University of Bradford Union of Students (UBU) Sports Coordinator, Katie Moore, encouraged Fred to apply for the HEVO award, which was presented to him at the prestigious National Volleyball Cup Finals in Kettering. He was also given the honour of handing out medals to the competitors of the under-18s men’s cup final.

Fred was proud to have won the individual award, while also recognising the efforts of his club-mates: “This is an individual award, but the whole team has put in so much hard work throughout the year. I’m honoured to win because no one from Bradford has won it before - hopefully this will inspire others to go on and win it.”

Looking to the future

Fred will be spending the summer working on his Master’s dissertation, and hopes to continue helping Volleyball to evolve for future students: “My plan is to have a well-facilitated Volleyball club by the end of summer. I’m keen to work on the admin and development of Volleyball, maybe even do some coaching.”

Varsity Fred Kufa Volleyball

Team Bradford

With five years’ membership of both the Mavericks and the Team Bradford community, Fred has experienced the very best of the student sport scene: “I would recommend the University of Bradford as a sports university, as it provides lots of opportunities for athletes on and off the court. The University’s support for sport continues to grow -  the recognition of our efforts at the recent Student Leadership awards are testament to that. I believe that with a sporting career at the University of Bradford, you can be more than your degree.”