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Jingyi Chen

Jingyi Chen

Here is an introduction to Jingyi from China.

Where are you from?

I am Tina from China.

What are you studying?

Global Trade and Finance.

How did you hear about the University of Bradford?

From my tutor in China.

Why did you choose to come to Bradford?

The reason why I chose the University of Bradford is I think the teaching quality of this University is good.

How has the city surprised you?

I was surprised by the beauty of the city and the culture of the city is mixed.

How has the University surprised you?

I am surprised by the Student Services at the University.

How did the University/International Office/ Language Centre help you settle in when you first arrived?

I was helped by the University in that it arranged for a volunteer to pick me up at Manchester airport.

Why is Bradford a good place to be an international student?

The reason why the University is a good place for international students is that there are many international students and we can help each other.

What would you tell people back home who are thinking about coming to Bradford?

I will tell my parents and friends the city is a good place to live in.

How did studying on the Pre-sessional English course help you?

The reason why I chose the pre-sessional course is that I want to improve my English and to prepare for my further study.

In addition, the course helped me a lot especially with my speaking and writing skills.

Before the course I was always afraid to speak English in public. Moreover, all the teachers during the course are very nice and kind, they are patient and they try their best to help us to improve our English.

I would recommend this course to friends and advise them to attend this course, because it will help them to learn about the culture and life in the UK which will be very helpful to their further study at university.

And through this course I have made many friends.