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Todsapol Sriboa-Iem

Todsapol Sriboa-Iem

Come and meet Todsapol from Thailand.

Where are you from?

I am from Thailand, I lived near Bangkok.

I have worked as Assistant Chief District Officer for 5 years, and 3 years before that I worked in Maersk Group Thailand.

I graduated with both a Bachelor and Master’s degree from Thammasat University in Public Administration.

What are you studying?

I am studying at the BCID (Bradford Centre for International Development).

My subject is Human and Organisational Capacity Building for Development.

How did you hear about the University of Bradford?

My colleagues studied here, and they recommended it to me and I found further information on the University website.

Why did you choose to come to Bradford?

  1. The course is very interesting. Some subjects or modules are very unique.
  2. The University staff are very welcoming and the atmosphere is suitable for international students to study.
  3. Living and accommodation costs are reasonable.

How did the University/International Office/ Language Centre help you settle in when you first arrived?

It’s the best training before you start your main course.

Imagine for your first week as a new student…A lot of people will come to the University…where’s the library, student hub….student centre?

For me it’s different. it isn’t difficult to borrow and return books whereas the other students don’t know how to get in the library. And you can keep in touch with the Visa support team to make sure about your visa process too.

Not only improving your language, but friendships, new experiences and fabulous student activities took place here.

When you walk to your class, you might see some of your English Pre-sessional course classmates…. We always travel together on Wednesday afternoon to the friendly International Study Centre.

Why is Bradford a good place to be an international student?

I think I told you a lot…. The question is why not?

Language is a skill…but studying on the pre-sessional course gives you the best experience and it will also help you to prepare yourself before you start the main course.