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What you can study

The University of Bradford has five Faculties, and a wide variety of modules across them are available to study abroad and exchange students, subject to approval.  Module information is available in programme specifications (see links below).  Please read guidance for selecting modules below.

Guidance for selecting modules:

  • A full study load for one semester is 60 credits.  This is equivalent to 30 ECTS, and approximately equivalent to 24 Australian credits or 15 US semester credits .
  • Modules are usually 10 or 20 credits.
    • Module codes ending in A, are worth 10 credits.  For example: MAR6002A
    • Module codes ending in B, are worth 20 credits.  For example: COS6018-B
  • Your minimum study load as an exchange student should be 40 credits.  However you should seek approval from your home institution if you wish to study less than 60 credits. 
  • If you are an Erasmus student you must take at least 40 credits in the subject area named in the institutional agreement between your home University and the University of Bradford. 
  • If you are an Erasmus student your module choices should be submitted on a Learning Agreement
  • If you are a worldwide exchange, ISEP or IVSP student you should submit your choices using the template on your application form.

Steps below for researching and selecting your module choices 

Please check our Faculty programme specifications (below) for lists of modules in each subject area.    Some of the links will display Programme Specifications - scroll down to the 'Curriculum' section of the documents to see the modules available at each stage of the degree.  This Understanding Programme Specifications guide may be useful.

Please use the programme specifications as a guide.  They can be subject to change from time to time and not all modules will run if there is insufficient student interest.

Programme Specifications:

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Management and Law

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Life Sciences

Descriptions of each module are available online.  Please note that not all modules on this page will run each semester.  Please check semester availability on the programme specifications.

Timetables for September 2017 will not be published until approximately three weeks prior to to start of the semester.  Students choosing modules from different departments and different levels of study may be affected by a clash of timetables therefore we recommend making 1-2 additional module choices in case changes are required at enrolment.

Restricted subject areas:  the following subject areas are not usually available to exchange students, unless there is already a subject-specific agreement in place between the University of Bradford and your home institution:

  • Faculty of Health - all subjects.  
  • Faculty of Life Science: Optometry and Vision Sciences / Medical Sciences / Pharmacy 
  • Faculty of Social Sciences:  Social Work