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Ahmed Dekmak

Erasmus Exchange at Umea University, Sweden

Ahmed Dekmak

"Overall, it has been a totally enriching experience academically and socially."

"For my Erasmus exchange I went to Umea University in Sweden.

Most of Swedish people have been amazingly helpful and if that wasn't enough, in Umea there is a massive International Student community. One thing I have noticed when speaking to friends in other parts in Sweden is that Umea has so far shown to be the best and most helpful International Office and student community. Examples of such being numerous trips organised around the year to places such as Finland, Estonia and St Petersburg.

The sentence ‘It’s the people that make the place’ has never made more sense to me before. Every international student here is in the same situation, they are all here to study but want to meet new people and enjoy their time. Due to that fact, everyone here is extremely friendly towards each other and you find that in no time you know half the campus."