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Kieran Largent

IVSP Placement at California State University, USA

Kieran Largent

"Studying in California was amazing for me and I loved the people, the state and the lifestyle, the only problem is that the year ended too quickly!"

"I arrived in Sacramento optimistic but also a little nervous; it was a big step into the unknown for me. However, the people were very friendly and this made it easy to settle in immediately. Making friends was easy, possibly due to my British accent! Although there was a lot of university work it was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made.

The weather and environment was amazing and the opportunity to travel around such a unique and beautiful state is one that shouldn’t be missed. What surprised me most was how friendly and easy going everyone was. Almost immediately I seemed to be included in lots of things by people I had only just met.

Whilst over there I enjoyed the lifestyle very much and now I’m back I miss it a lot, as well as the great friends I made. Now I can go back whenever I choose and I have friends with whom I can stay.

Above all, it was a lot of fun. Once I was there I realised how lucky I was and I am so glad I didn’t let this opportunity pass me by."