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Olesja Mansurova

Erasmus Exchange at the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Olesja Mansurova

"When you come back to England, you will have great memories and a wonderful feeling of new achievement and victory."

"I did my Erasmus exchange in Portugal, which was a brilliant experience! I found my Erasmus exchange a great opportunity to combine learning experience with fun and new adventures. You get a chance to make new friends from all over the world, learn a new language, participate in cultural activities, and explore beautiful historical and natural sites, and much more.

You will be learning with many other Erasmus and home students and participate in various fun academic and travelling activities. You are also allowed to do your exams in English. In terms of financial support, you will receive a grant from the University which makes life a lot easier. You will benefit a lot while losing nothing and it is also wonderful for personal growth.

You will also find it practical to reflect those achievements in your CV when it comes to applying for jobs. You will also have hopefully made friends in many parts of the world who you can go and visit!"