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Live vacancies

Current opportunities: Vacancies will be posted Summer 2018



Business and Marketing







General Support Roles




Social sciences



You must be a current 1st or 2nd year undergraduate student here at the University of Bradford returning to your studies in Sept 2018 with eligibility to work in the UK

How to apply

Please send a targeted CV and covering letter to the Summer Experience team.

Applications may be screened for quality and content prior to submission to the employer, so to avoid rejection at the screening stage, you are strongly advised to book an appointment with an Employability and Placement Adviser for application support. Please call Career and Employability Services on 01274 234991 to arrange.

Please note these will generally be six-week full-time projects


All of the projects advertised require you to work a total of 210 hours which you will be paid £TBC minus Tax & National Insurance for over the duration. This means that even if you work part-time you will still work the same number of hours as a full-time project.