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Theatre in the Mill Logo

“Home to some of the boldest and most interesting work in the region.”




Theatre in the Mill (TITM) is the new work studio in Bradford situated on the University of Bradford Campus.

Theatre in the Mill aims to be a creative and socially engaged venue, one that offers broad ranging support and opportunities for innovative artists to make new work, investigate that within a social context and make that work meaningful through connecting it with a wider world. 

We believe in artists, their vision and innovation and we have put in place a wide range of ways in which we can support artists make great work.  We offer mentoring, peer support and critique; business advice;  residencies;  through our Open Space programme the chance to explore form and content within a supported environment;  through our Theatre in the Mill Commissions the chance to create development stagings of new work; and, increasingly, the chance to connect to other venues or producers who can support the work further.

We also believe in the city in which we are based and the people who live in it - diverse, teeming with culture and often dealing with the harsher realities of the world in which we currently live, our next big development phase will be exploring how we best connect artists and the city, how we best tell a wider range of stories, explore a wider range of experiences.

"TiM is a place artists can truly explore and experiment with their work and practice, in an environment where the staff and audiences both support and challenge. It plays a vital and unique role within the North, perfectly complementing the talent development support offered by other organisations. We are always proud to partner TiM. If Iain Bloomfield is backing an artist, sit up and take note. That artist will be worth watching."

Annabel Turpin -CEO ARC, Stockton