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Development Lab
Whiteface Theatre and Development Lab Presents

Dial-frame-tilt-leftt Dial - A Call Centre In Crisis

A new play by Gemma Head - Thursday 26th November, 7.30pm, £5

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Carol Dowd is proud of her job and on top of her team. Recently promoted she lives and breathes the recycled air at Soulsave Direct, a helpline service for nobodies in need - well that's how they're affectionately known in Blue Pod anyway.

Carol drives her team to triumph on the telephones and salvage those souls, whatever it takes. But behind that single minded determination lurks a secret that threatens everything Carol has worked for, suddenly her past is catching up with her and the tyrant of the telephones is facing a crisis of her own.

Thought provoking and absurd Dial is the palpable prophecy of a world in economic and moral recession, a chilling yet hilarious insight into what might happen if the kings of commerce were the designated saviours of the human heart.

Contains Strong Language

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