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Development Lab

Shooting Fish and Development Lab present


Friday 23rd October, 7.30pm. Price: £3

'When you're born into a town that's cloaked in a smog of apathy, your dreams get laminated - you can look, but not touch.'

Laminated tells the story of Charlie, a failed writer coming to terms with the end of his career. Packing up to leave his home, he begins to reconstruct his memories to create a past he can accept. Rummaging through these memories and unfinished stories, he is overwhelmed by the growing presence of an ex lover, who confronts him with a truth he never expected.

After a successful national tour in 2008, Shooting Fish are working with the Development Lab to try out new ideas for touring in 2010.  Working with a new director to challenge and interrogate the script, their time at the Development Lab will allow them to iron out any creases in the script and really push the script to ensure the story and characters are working to form a coherent whole.

Part of this process is always about feedback, and for those audiences who have never stayed for the Q&A, this may be the place to start.  Shooting Fish want to know what you, their audiences, think about the theatre you see, what excites you and delights you, and what makes you think maybe next time you'll stay at home.

Artist question and answer responses