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Ship O'Fools

Ship O'Fools

The Institute of Crazy Dancing

Shows: Friday 18 November, 7.30pm Saturday 19 November, 7.30pm

Tickets: £6.50 full, £5 concessions, students pay what you can
Call 01274 233200 or email

A Participatory Installation with associated rituals, performance material and action...

These two nights at the Mill will see The Institute for Crazy Dancing working with the hammocks and musicality for the piece.

The experience

A slowly rotating fairground antithesis becomes an intimate and contemplative experience. It is about being differently oriented in the world, being rocked gently and turned around. It is about how we value ourselves and each other on a voyage to a fairer future.

Ship O'FoOls drawings

It is about slowness and conversation, thought and consideration. It is both a sight to behold and joyous to be held by. It is about participating in the world - differently.  

The experience of the audience is intended to be gentle and contemplative, rocking and slow turning.

People will be welcomed into the circle, invited to take part in the associated activities, listen to the musicality of the work, lie in the hammocks and spend as little or as long time as they wish.

The site is managed by the ICD crew: they generate a feeling of welcome and openness, sparking conversation and interaction. T

There will be no compulsion or singling-out.

Activities, actions and figures to provide talking points and provoke curiosity:

Origami: Folding in order to unfold the journey.

The Never-Ending Plank: durational performance - one performer walks along a plank whilst holding an identical plank aloft.. The walk continues. And so on...

A solitary figure - the skeleton of Crusoe - sits by a fire on an island mound of sand, outside the heavy rope perimeter.

A lighthouse in the distance flashes a beacon of HOPE.

Crazy dancing - when and if required.

Please expect to participate in some way, and if you have a hammock we might be able to borrow, please email:


Ship O' FoOls Section

The ICD:

the Institute for Crazy Dancing is a performance company and collective of thinkers, do-ers, dancers, musicians and clowns. We collaborate with people, councils, museums, galleries and venues in order to create unexpected experiences in familiar and unfamiliar places.

We have created numerous site-responsive participatory performances - notably: TREASURE HUNT - Leeds: a participatory journey & extravaganza through the city at night; and DEEP WATER (in collaboration with Exponential Aerial Theatre) - Goole: an immersive, spectacular and intimate event over three sites (Nature Trail, Waterways Museum and Coal Hoist) along the Aire & Calder Canal.

We aim to create work that provokes curiosity, engages people in conversation and changes the way we look at the world.

This work at Theatre in the Mill will hopefully form the basis of an ambitious large scale project.  Here's more about it

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