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Prison Game (development showing)

Prison Game (development showing)

Hercules Productions

Shows: Friday 20th November, 7.30pm

Tickets: £3
Call 01274 233200 or email

A physical theatre solo performance packed with an intense narrative. Prison Game is the story of an unsuspecting young primary school aged boy and the extraordinary experiences that life challenges him with throughout his journey into adulthood. A biographical story; this work has developed through real life accounts of genuine experiences.

The play focuses on what happens when a person is buried deep within the prison system and the subsequent reactions of those outside it and pays great attention to the psychological impact on a person who has been institutionalised.

When prison is your world, how do you function within society? Prison Game is a gripping and at times chilling insight into the life of one of the first generation of ‘starred up’ criminals in the UK, and how prison can define a man.

Told through a series of characters, each brought to life by the physical dynamism of the solo performer, interacting with each other and with the audience. The tale is woven together by the physical strength of the actor writer and the dialogue, which is intense and precise and moves the story forward uncompromisingly towards its powerful conclusion.

Hercules Productions Enterprise CIC

Hercules Productions was set up in 2006 by writer, director and actor, Marcus Hercules.  The company creates eye opening performance events that are reflective of the conflicts and cultures of the urban landscapes of the UK today, translating the real stories of people from these challenging environments. Combining high quality theatre, film, and music.

The company has shared Prison Game as a work in progress with Royal Exchange, Manchester, Cheshire Rural Touring, and Action Transport and most recently with Talawa Theatre Company and the Albany, in London. From these recent sharings in London we secured the support of Director, Michael Buffong from Talawa and  Choreographer and performer, Jonzi D to help realise the ambition of the piece.

Reviews from the sharing at Talawa:

“ a rich, intensely focussed, solo 'tour-de-force' ; 'Breaking Bad in Bradford', if you will(!)”

“The transitions are fluid, and each of the characters seem both familiar and, at the same time, unique; this is as much a testament to Hercules' insightful writing, as to his acting ability.”

“Certainly, the subject-matter (as well as Hercules' fine acting and strong character-writing) deserves a more interesting denouement; perhaps a specialist director or dramaturge might help. I wish Marcus Hercules all the best with this piece and, indeed, anything else he chooses to do; with the right vehicle/guidance, he's a (much greater) star in the making.”

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