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Northern Creative Theatre presents....Elephant in the Room

Open Space Programme

Friday 4th Feb, 7.30pm, £3

Tickets: 01274 233200

northern creative theatre - elephant
'The idiomatic expression 'elephant in the room' applies to an obvious truth which is being ignored or goes unaddressed.

Northern Creative Theatre introduce the dysfunctional Bagshaw family who coexist with an unspoken void between them.

Which lengths will we go to avoid facing up to the uncomfortable parts of our realities? What are the consequences of consistently burying our heads in the sand? What happens when we button ourselves up? Keep a stiff upper lip? Put on a brave face on it?

Dark, absurd and set against a powerful soundscape; Elephant in the Room is a close up focus on the minutiae of life for one seriously repressed family unit.

Northern Creative Theatre are participating in Theatre in the Mill's Open Space programme from 31st January until 4th February.

The company will continue to work on 'Elephant in the Room' a show which started out in March 2010 as a ten minute long peep into family life.

During their time at the Mill they plan to explore family life even further, to re-create key dates and events for each of their characters as well as several family 'moments'. They are also looking forward to some time 'playing' with the device which is central to the work and the performance technique necessary as a result of the device.

The week will culminate with a showing of some of what they've discovered followed by a feedback session.

The Open Space programme offers the audience the chance to feed into the artists' process. Do feel free to follow developments via our website and come along to feedback directly to the company. Tickets for this development showing are £3, contact for further information.
Twitter: @northerncre8ive

Reflections on Northern Creative Theatre's stay at Theatre in the Mill