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Rage Actions - Led by Nick Kilby

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As part of the Open Space scheme at Theatre in the Mill: 

The Open Space programme offers performance artists the opportunity to use the Theatre in the Mill space to explore new ideas or re-work older ones, a space to play.  It also offers our audience the chance to feed into the artists process.

Wednesday 20 - Saturday 23 July 2011

Please note - The evening will contain images and tableaux of nudity, bleeding and material that many may find difficult.

Read more on the Rage actions blog 

If the essential theater is like the plague, it is not because it is contagious, but because like the plague it is the revelation, the bringing forth, the exteriorization of a depth of latent cruelty by means of which all the perverse possibilities of the mind, whether of an individual or a people, are localized.  -Antonin Artaud.

Every muscular contraction contains the history and meaning of its origin. -Wilhelm Reich

We just came back from Walt Disney World. -Rev. Jim Jones

Artists and members of the public are invited to casually attend a four day development process and showing of a new ensemble piece, led by West Yorkshire based performance artist Nick Kilby. The piece will look to study and invoke the inculcation of rage within fringe movements, when an exit point is lost to members of sects, tribes and subcultures and how an inversion will inevitably lead to an explosion.

The workshops will look to study movement based practices such as contact improvisation, American style moshing, stress positioning and deprivation techniques with a contrasting element of autobiological storytelling, immediate generation of text and an open dialogue between associated artists and members of the public acting as a barometer. Open showings and discussions will take place on a daily basis on wide and varied related subjects, from the eroticised and contradictory aesthetics of the skinhead movement to the politic of theatre in contemporary ritual.

The three day intensive will culminate in an hour long showing of work on the 23rd July, followed by a feedback session and Q & A.

Nick Kilby - Copyright Adam Young

Please note: Applications are currently being accepted to be part of the associate artists involved within the performance, for details please contact

Nick Kilby is a post graduate Leeds based performance artist and writer whose main concerns lie within body based practice. He has recently concluded a two year series of performance that dealt with the aesthetics of boxing and the body politic of the sculpted body in a state of violence. He is the artistic coordinator and co organiser for the Glorious Trauma festival.