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Instant Dissidence present

When Night Falls

Monday 4th April and Wednesday 6th April, 5.30 - 8.30pm, pay what you think it's worth

instant dissidence - when night falls

Booking is necessary for this performance

Tickets: 01274 233200

A one-on-one interactive performance playing with the dark side of intimacy...

When Night Falls is a durational one-to-one performance, taking place in a dark space.  Before you enter the space you are given a box of matches and warned that you will not be able to leave the space until it goes dark.  If you decide to proceed you agree to this performative contract.

This is a work where you (the audience member) take an active role in choosing how to experience the work, but remember the contract you made before entering the space: you will not be able to leave the space until it goes dark.

When Night Falls has been created by award-winning choreographer Rita Marcalo (in collaboration with filmmaker Lucy Barker), whose work has been described as:

'... well-conceived, witty and thought-provoking... work that is surprising, challenging, transgressive and exciting...'

  The Guardian.

The performance is suitable for those aged 16+.

The work contains nudity.