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Irregular (Arts)

Irregular (Arts)

Invite You To An Odd Occasion

Shows: Saturday 7th June, 7.30pm

Tickets: £3
Call 01274 233200 or email

Let’s have a drink and a bite and a chat about some things. Let’s amuse each other. Is she, or isn’t she? What’s going on in The Ladies Room? Oh dear, are we taking up too much space? Are we banging on? Did you want to say something?

An Odd Occasion is a performance event that continues a conversation we’ve started online:

Twitter #oddoccasion

Performed by Jenny Wilson, and created in collaboration with Alison Andrews, Shanaz Gulzar and Becky Truman.

Irregular Arts would like to invite the audience to arrive early, from 7pm to experience Wardrobe

An exploratory installation in where artist/performer Sarah Spanton is wondering about:

A sense of self, ageing, age appropriateness, androgyny, perceptions of gender, perceptions of sexuality, producing alternatives, sub-cultural fashions, transgression, difference, being visible, hoarding and loss.

The audience at An Odd Occasion is invited to respond to the question: What is she wearing?

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