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Programming Policy

Programmer's Contact Details

Name: Iain Bloomfield
Position: Artistic Director
Tel: 01274 233190

Artistic Policy

Theatre in the Mill is a development and commissioning space supporting a wide range of performance makers make the work they wish to in the ways that they wish to.

We hold no style brief as such and are happy to support the widest range of performance based work both in and out of the venue.

We work with artists who want an open and ongoing dialogue with audiences and are willing to present work as part of a (potentially) iterative development process rather than simply as finished product.

We welcome work that explores who we are within a political world and, as a University based venue, has a significant interest in reflective practice.

Living and working within a diverse and international city we welcome work that reflects that and are very open to the broadest definitions of the word diversity.

We offer both artistic and technical mentoring and support as is appropriate and have staff on hand who work to the highest standards in delivering that support.

Artistic Development/support

We offer two programmes of support:

Theatre in The Mill Commissions (up to £5k)

Open Space an offer of space/artistic and technical support/grant getting support.


Black box studio space (80)


Sept - Dec
Jan - July

How far in advance should artists approach us:

9 - 12 months

Work we don't programme:

We very rarely programme touring work and never on approach. 

What kind of financial deals can artists expect:

We offer six £5,000 (or thereabouts) commissions per annum plus a significant in-kind offer

How should artists contact us initially?

By e-mail to  we encourage artists/companies to outline how they think their work fits into our ethos and thinking and what plans they have for touring work developed here after a residency.

Following approach what responses should artists expect

The artistic director will make contact and speak directly to those projects/proposals that speak most directly to us. Other projects will be emailed to decline.

This information was taken from 'Routes In: A Guide to Getting New Work Programmed in the North of England'

This comprehensive guide includes advice for artists setting out to get their work programmed as well as a directory of Northern venues who programme new work. The full document is available to download here…/i…/Routes%20In%20-%20Jan%202017.pdf