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Available at all times:

  • 1 Strand Classic Palette Lighting Desk
  • 19 CCT Minuette Fresnel  650W
  • 10 Selecon Fresnel   1.2KW
  • 4 Strand 803 Fresnel 650W
  • 4 Castor Fresnel 2KW
  • 7 Prelude 28/40 Zoom Profile 650W
  • 7 Prelude 16/30 Zoom Profile 650W
  • 8 Prelude Pebble Convex  650W
  • 9 Par64     1KW
  • 18 Par16(Birdie)   50W
  • 2 CCT Silhouette 30 Profile  1KW
  • 6 CCT Silhouette1200 Zoom Profile 1KW
  • 3 Flood lamps    500W
  • 2 Flood lamps 2.4KW
  • 1 Hazer 
  • 1 Strobe
  • 4 Floor Stands
  • 1 Lighting Stand
  • 9 Grelcos
  • 1 Mirror Ball plus motor
  • 1 Rain Machine
  • Barn doors for all Fresnels
  • Shutters for all Profiles
  • Various lengths of 15A cable, 13A cable, IEC, and converters
  • Various lengths of scaffolding and clamps for trapezes, sidebars etc.

Sound Equipment

Available at all times:

Control and Processing:

  • Behringer Xenyx XL1600 Mixing Desk
  •  Phonic Helix Board 18 mkII Firewire Mixing Desk
  • Sound Cue System 10 (PC)  and Qlab (mac)
  • Klark Technic DN410 Dual Parametric EQ
  • Phonic PEQ34000 EQ
  • Yamaha Reverb Module
  • Tascam MD350 Minidisk Player
  • Technics SL-PS670D CD Player
  • DI x 5


  • QSC Audio RMX 2450
  • Mosfet X600


  • Techpro Base station and talkback plus 6 beltpacks and headsets


  • 2 SM58
  • 2 SM57
  • 4 Rode M3
  • 1 AKG C214
  • 1 AKG D112
  • 2 Rode NT5 (matched pair)


  • 2 Martin Audio Blackline F12


  • Most cable required for the majority of shows or events but if bringing in other equipment please check that we can supply cabling for your needs.

Available with notice dependant on negotiation:


  • 4 BOSE101
  • 2 BOSE402
  • 2 BOSE802
  • Various monitor wedges

AV Equipment

Available at all times:

  • 1 Panasonic PTD 4000E DSP Projector

Available with notice dependant on negotiation:

  • Other projectors, video cable, screens or control equipment.

Auditorium Furniture

  • Range of Curtains, Tabs, Borders, and tracking that can be hung anywhere in the space.
  • Seating rig with 2x40 capacity that can be placed anywhere in the space.
  • Limited amount of rigging kit including steel cable, fittings, weights, braces and scaffolding.
  • High level access to the auditorium via a loading bay with an SWL of 500kg.  Please make sure you provide a qualified rigger at load in if using the high level access.

Set and Props

Theatre in the Mill holds no set, props or costume other than that of visiting companies by prior arrangement. Small items of furniture can be requested in advance but we don't guarantee to be able to source these for you.  We do not have flats or cycs in store for general use.