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An ident for Theatre in the Mill at The University of Bradford. Created by Team Animotem Shabz, Becky, Ryan & Trea, students from the Department of Creative Technology at the University of Bradford (Design for Industry module, Computer Animation)

Our engagement within the University has grown increasingly meaningful over the last three years with Theatre in the Mill offering both training to staff and adopting the role of critical and vox pop 'reflector' within local conferences on Learning and Teaching practice and a national conference on sustainability (you can read Iain's blog on this project here).  This has led to a broader range of reflections and expressions being available to staff at the University and has proved to be something of a USP for the institution. This increased dialogue has had a significant impact on the creation of a critical community around new work and our commissioned and developing artists.

Case study -an interactive 'patient-simulation' tutorial for students learning about epilepsy. Open publication 

The Cultural Fund

Staff from Theatre in the Mill provide guidance and support to recipients of the Cultural Fund which  is intended to support projects which complement and add value to existing arts provision at the University.  All proposals are distinctly separate from Arts on Campus programmes.

The University of Bradford values its cultural and intellectual diversity and sees the positive benefit of providing a broad-ranging programme of cultural events  for the University, the city, the district and beyond. The University has a long history of providing a wide range of events that celebrate this.