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Selina Thompson Ltd - The Missy Elliott Project

 The Missy Elliott Project

Get your freak on, fam.

For the next three years, Selina Thompson is going to be working with teenage girls across two continents – trying to imagine what the world will look like for femmes after the revolution. The head bangers, the style, the freaks of the future. How we will celebrate, communicate and commemorate in the future. The blueprints for radical freedom.

When she was a teenager, she thought that Missy Elliott and her afro-futurist-dancing- up-the-walls-fisheye-camera-taking-up-space genius might be the blueprint for her freedom.

A decade later, she’s going to see what today’s teenagers think. Selina will be joining us at Theatre in the Mill, working with a group of teenage girls to play with 360 film, Virtual Reality and Binaural Sound.  Watch this space for more information.

Commissioned by Transform, Eclipse, Contact, Site Gallery and Battersea Arts Centre. Supported by Theatre in the Mill, Watershed, MGC Futures and Arts Council England.