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The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones


Shows: The experience will run throughout the month of March 1st -29th 2018.

Tickets: Experience online. Tickets go on sale on the 2nd of February from Audience members will have to be based within travelling distance to Leeds and will need to secure their tickets by 25th February.
Call 01274 233200 or email

Click here for more information and tickets

Riptide presents a new form of storytelling with their new theatrical experience The Lucky Ones.

The Lucky Ones places you at the heart of story in which your city becomes a backdrop to an experience which draws you in over the course of a month, blurring the lines between reality, game and fiction.

This new form of theatrical experience offers the chance to partake in a genuinely immersive adventure for one audience member at a time.


Riptide are a site-sympathetic theatre company, who challenge the status quo and to create extraordinary experiences.

Our audiences enter riptides and are swept through the narratives, spaces and cities in which our performances occur. 
These experiences may be as varied as a journey through a large nightclub venue or an intimate performance for one through a city using a digital, GPS app.

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