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Student attendance and engagement policy

Purpose of policy

The University of Bradford is committed to supporting students in maximising their academic achievements.  Part of this commitment is met by monitoring student attendance and engagement as outlined in this policy and the accompanying procedures document.

The University has a duty of care to do all it reasonably can to support students to complete their programmes of study and attain the best possible academic outcomes.  As part of this it is important that student engagement with all aspects of their programme is encouraged and monitored. The University Regulations state:

"Student attendance is expected at all scheduled learning activities, together with satisfactory completion and submission by the due dates prescribed by the School of all assessed coursework and such other practical and written exercises as may be required by the relevant programme regulations."  (Regulation 6.2)

Relevant legislation

In responding to and managing situations where a student’s attendance is a concern, the University remains mindful of its duty of care and of its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 including in appropriate cases its duty to make reasonable adjustments. In dealing with matters the University also remains mindful of its obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

The University is required to confirm to the Home Office that all international students holding Tier 4 visas are physically present at the University and attending and participating in their course throughout the year.


The University of Bradford is committed to providing a positive learning environment for all students and extends this commitment to ensure an appropriate response in circumstances whereby a student’s level of attendance is a concern. Wherever possible the University will strive to provide excellent support mechanisms for those students with difficulties in attending through pastoral care and appropriate and timely referrals to relevant support services.

This policy applies to students throughout the period of their registration with the University irrespective of the mode or place of study. It applies to students on placements including those which are part of a sandwich course or a professional programme of study.

Students studying at Partner institutions will be required to adhere to the Partner policy and procedures in relation to attendance and engagement.

The following details staff and student responsibilities with regard to attendance:

Staff/University ResponsibilitiesStudent Responsibilities

Ensure that students are made aware of the   attendance requirements of their programme.

Familiarise themselves with the particular   attendance requirements of their programme.

Provide students reasonable notice of any   timetabling changes.

Give reasonable notice of any planned or   unavoidable absences.

Ensure that information on any changes to   timetabling is communicated effectively to students through Blackboard or any other appropriate   means.

Check their programme and module   information points, Blackboard and   email communications regularly for information on timetabling changes.

Arrive promptly for scheduled sessions, as well as ensuring that sessions end promptly.

Arrive promptly for scheduled sessions and stay to the close.
Facilitate such changes to a student’s   timetable as are appropriate and reasonable, having given due consideration   to the student’s circumstances and obligations. Give appropriate consideration to the   logistical difficulties in making timetabling changes to seek such   alterations only under reasonable circumstances.
Arrange regular meetings or meeting   opportunities between Personal Academic Tutors and students. Attend scheduled meetings with Personal   Academic Tutors and respond positively when concerns are raised regarding   attendance.
Encourage student attendance by regularly   reviewing and improving upon the design of the programme and the method of   delivery. Practice effective time management so as   to ensure consistent attendance.
Provide students with an opportunity to   engage in the design and method of delivery of the programme. Participate in feedback and consultation   opportunities.

For further information please refer to the Attendance Monitoring Procedure and to the Attendance webpages.