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The above Timetable Flowchart (PDF, 483KB) shows you how to view individual,

programme and induction timetables.


Individual Student and Staff Timetables – Publish

New Students

Access your INDUCTION Timetable on the New Students Webpage


All Students and Staff

You are encouraged to use Publish (University of Bradford login required) to view your personalised individual timetable.


This application allows you to export key timetabling information to the electronic calendar of your choosing, with the additional function of enabling change notification, ensuring that in the event an essential change is made it will be automatically reflected and an email notification received explaining the change.

*** STUDENTS: It is important that you only attend module related sessions as displayed on your formally published timetable ***.

 Any student who attends a session that is not displayed on their personal timetable will not be recorded as being part of their particular accreditation. For additional information on attendance at the University please follow this link.

You can download the Publish User Guide (PDF, 866 KB) which will talk you through its use, and how to synchronise with your electronic calendars.

Programme timetables can be viewed using SWS Timetable Viewer - see below for details.

SWS (Scientia Web Server) is an online application for Students and Staff to view programme, location, module timetables etc. (click on the above link)

** Please note; it is not possible to download SWS timetables to your electronic calendar, you can use Publish for this **.

If you are not a student or member of staff at Bradford, you can view current programme timetable information SWS - click on the above link.

Top 5 tips


Tips on Viewing your Timetable

Download the larger PDF version here:

Top 5 Timetabling Tips (PDF, 273KB)

NEW room booking service – Resource Booker

The new on-line ad-hoc room booking service is now available. This is a cloud based application accessible on all platforms that allows both students and staff to book available space/s for meetings, study groups, revision requirements etc.

For more information, user guides and to access Resource Booker please visit the 'Book a Room' section under Student or Staff Information.

**It is important to note this service is not to be used to accommodate any essential changes to the academic timetable**.

For any issues regarding your timetables, please contact

If the issue is technically related, please contact IT Services.


The University of Bradford makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that timetable information published on this website is accurate and informative at the time of distribution. However, the University cannot guarantee that all course information throughout the academic year is up-to-date at the time of viewing and that any alterations made the University considers necessary will be revised. Students and staff are reminded that it is their responsibility to check for errors and omissions, and to resolve any issues that may arise with the appropriate office.

We make every effort to ensure that this website is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to this website.