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Timetabling Policy

The University will provide students with a programme timetable to support them in planning their University experience and maximising learning opportunities. Timetables will be provided to students by the Friday before Induction.  

1. Objectives

To produce a timetable that supports:

a. the best possible student experience.

b. implementation of the Curriculum Framework.

c. inclusion and the diverse needs of students.

d. efficient use of Teaching Accommodation by all areas.

e. attendance monitoring.

2. Guiding Principles

a. The scheduled week for all full-time programmes will be between 9.00am to 6.00pm and all staff are expected to work flexibly within these time periods to meet the needs of the programme with the following exceptions:

    • On Wednesday, the scheduled day for full-time programmes will be 9.00am to 1.00pm unless an exemption is granted by the Dean.
    • 1.00pm – 2.00pm on Friday will not be used for teaching or assessment activities to allow attendance at Prayers.
    • For part-time programmes, the scheduled day is 9.00am to 10.00pm. 

b. Room bookings will start on the hour.

c. Staff are expected to be available to teach in support of all scheduled sessions. Requests for variation require formal approval by the Dean. A record of exceptions will be kept by the Faculty for annual audit and Equality Impact Assessment, overseen by the Academic Registrar.

d. For students starting the initial stage of a programme, Semester 1 will consist of core and subject-specific optional modules only. Elective modules will be available in Semester 2 and must be selected by the student before October 31st

e. All optional and elective modules will be scheduled with a defined maximum class size. Students will be allocated to these modules on a first-come, first-served basis.

f. Students and staff are responsible for notifying the University of any special arrangements they require (for example as a result of disability). 

g. Students are expected to check their timetable for changes. 

h. Students are expected to attend all scheduled teaching and assessment.

i. All requests for teaching accommodation should not exceed the maximum contact hours defined in the module descriptor. 

3. Operational Issues

a. All Faculties will nominate one principal timetabling contact and at least one secondary timetabling contact.

b. Faculty Timetablers and the Timetabling and Attendance Office will ensure that within standard programmes, compulsory activities do not clash. 

c. Effort will be made to ensure that optional activities do not clash, however this may be unavoidable.  

d. Space requests for non-standard Programmes and modules (residential teaching, Summer Schools, etc), and recruitment activities (Open Days, Applicant Visit Days) must be made at the same time as for standard programmes. 

e. The deadlines for requesting General Teaching Accommodation will be communicated on an annual basis by the Academic Registrar’s office.

f. Where possible, set-up and take-down of large activities will take place outside teaching hours, to reduce the impact on teaching space availability.

g. All learning and teaching activities will be recorded in Syllabus Plus. 

h. The Timetabling and Attendance Office will publish timetabling deadlines for room allocation for the following academic session, including key dates for Faculty timetablers and academic staff. 

i. Returning students will select optional modules for the following academic year before May 31st.

j. Where possible, elective modules will be scheduled for an agreed half-day session in the week.

k. Reasonable adjustments to the timetable will be made to accommodate students and staff members with a disability. 

l. Deans and Faculty Administrators are responsible for ensuring that their Faculty complies with this policy and that Timetablers are made aware of any changes to student numbers or recruitment targets.

4. Event priority

In the event of a time based clash of activities requiring the same location, the prioritisation detailed below will normally apply:

a. All compulsory undergraduate and post graduate teaching.

b. All assessments held as part of the assessment strategy of the programme of the University.

c. Student Recruitment and Student Experience activities (i.e. open days, induction, enrolment).

d. Non-compulsory teaching.

e. Commercial / social activities.

5. Requests for Changes to Published Timetables

Requests to change any part of a published timetable should be made through the Faculty Timetabler and must be approved by the Dean. Changes after the publication of the timetable may be requested for the following reasons: 

a. Member of teaching staff on unforeseen sick leave; it is expected that teaching will be covered by an alternative member of staff wherever possible. Cancellation / postponement should be considered a last resort.

b. External speaker on sick leave, or unable to attend due to revised work commitments.

c. Health & safety issue in the room – water/gas leaks, etc. Insufficient heating (below 16C)

d. AV provision requires repair.

e. Unforeseen staff or student clashes with other teaching.

f. Room capacity inappropriate due to student numbers.

g. Recommendation by an external examiner or inspection body reviewing teaching delivery.

h. To accommodate a disability.

Deans are responsible for ensuring that programme changes are produced on time and that no further changes are made to programmes for that year.‌

Academic staff should ensure that they are aware of the guidance on student module changes when advising students.

6. Ad-Hoc ‌Room Bookings

Ad-hoc and non-teaching room bookings in teaching space during teaching hours will not be confirmed until after the final timetable has been published, though may be requested before this time via the Timetabling and Attendance Office. Ad-hoc bookings should not be used for re-scheduled or any other student teaching. Such activities must go through the Faculty Timetabler.

You can also download a copy of the policy: Timetabling Policy