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Top Tips from our Alumni

Here's some tips from our alumni on choosing a university.

"How welcome did you feel at an open day? Consider how informative the talks are, how organised the staff and student ambassadors are, and how well they direct you and their ability to answer questions quickly and informatively. The organisational skills and the warmth you feel will play a big part in the next three years, so make sure you feel like you 'fit'. A bit like buying a house, if it feels right and everything else is okay, go with it."
Ann Lambert

"After looking at the course, look at the practicalities of where you would be living, how close is it to Uni, and where are the shops and cafes etc."
Jill Bell

"Learn to budget - always a must if you want to avoid going into an overdraft, or living off beans for three months due to being skint!"
Rebecca Smith

"Visit the city if you can. If you're from a rural area you could get a real shock if you're not used to city life."
Jacqui Siler

"If you're an international student, look in to the availability of the university's international student services. They can help with issues such as books, accommodation, student visa, financial aid for tuition and living expenses, and also familiarisation with city life. You see, even undergraduate education is hard enough with assignments and projects that must meet deadlines. So if international students are freed from cultural and financial issues the university would be helping them a great deal."
Mohamed Shafiee

"Going to the open day is a must. A couple of universities that I visited looked great on the internet but turned out to be really bad."
David Heaton

"Look for a university whose expenses are easily covered by you. Don't just pick a top ranking university and say that's it I want to study at that university. Select your university wisely so you won't feel stressed about financial issues."
Shahbaz Hussain