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Pre-entry & admissions support

Help with your UCAS application to the University

Our Recruitment Team is available to help you to complete your UCAS form or to advise and prepare you for a course interview.

Filling in your UCAS Form

Please apply by the UCAS deadline and indicate on the form that you are a Care Leaver by ticking the Care Leavers box, so that we can deal with your form as quickly as possible.  All forms are dealt with on an individual basis and the level of support offered is based on the information provided on the form.

A named staff contact to support and help you with all aspects of University life

If you have any problems or need someone to talk to, the Recruitment Team will ensure that any information you wish to discuss is treated with confidentiality and only shared with a third party with your permission. You can contact us via email:

All year-round accommodation including important vacation times

The University of Bradford can offer Care Leavers accommodation for up to 52 weeks of the year including all the vacation times.  We can also extend your contract by a further four weeks after you graduate whilst you search for a new place to live. 

Support with child care

The University has its own nursery which offers both affordable and quality early educational experiences to children from 12 weeks to five years.  Please get in touch if you require a place or support with childcare costs.