What is Clearing?

Don't wait for the rush on results day — find out more about Clearing and Adjustment right now.

How does Clearing work?

Clearing is part of the UCAS application system, and another opportunity for some students to apply for a place at University.

We've posted a list of our courses available in Clearing. It's worth checking this list regularly as it will be updated whenever places are filled or made available. 

You'll also be able to find the full official course list on the UCAS website.

Once you have your exam results and when you've found a course you're interested in, you'll need to get in touch with us to find out whether we have a place for you, by ringing 0800 073 1225 or by filling out a form to request a callback.

The next step is to add your Clearing choice through Track on the UCAS website – this counts as acceptance of our offer.

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What is Adjustment?

When you get your results you may find you've done much better than expected - well done!

This means you may want to try to swap your unconditional firm choice for a different course, and you can do this using the UCAS Adjustment process,.

It's available from 17-31 August 2017.

Once you've registered for Adjustment using UCAS Track, you will have five days to find other courses you may be interested in and to get in touch with the University to find out if we will accept you on the course. Give us a ring on 0800 073 1225 or fill out a form to request a callback.

You won't lose your original unconditional firm choice unless you verbally accept a new offer during Adjustment.

What is Adjustment?

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Clearing 2017 is now closed

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