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Specialist facilities

The University is continuously investing in state-of-the-art facilities to enable you to get the most out of your time here, and to help you contribute to world-leading research.

Integrated Life Sciences Learning Centre

Integrated life sciences learning centre.

The Integrated Life Sciences Learning Centre includes a Simulation Theatre, Anatomy and Pathology Resource Centre, as well as other custom-designed, state-of-the-art facilities for teaching in Life Sciences.

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Crime Scene Facility

Crime scene tape.

Students use the Crime Scene Facility to practice search and recovery of evidence. 


  • briefing room
  • exhibit store
  • equipment store

Students can replicate various domestic scenarios and simulate crime scenes including burglary, assault, rape and murder in any of our six rooms. There are a range of tools, weapons, mock training bodies and body parts, while the cellars of the house can be used to simulate body disposal, drug laboratories and improvised bomb making.

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Outside Broadcasting Truck

Our Outside Broadcasting (OB) Truck with integrated television studio allows students to put their media skills into practice on industry-standard equipment, following a £1m investment. 


  • Five cameras
  • A dedicated edit and motion capture suite
  • Commentary boothhouse

Clinical Skills and Simulation Suites

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Psychology labs

Psychology laboratory.

Our Psychology laboratories offer students excellent facilities to observe and analyse human behaviour.

Facilities include a Social and Developmental Psychology laboratory, an Experimental Psychology laboratory, an Eating Behaviour laboratory, a Psychology Teaching laboratory and a Speech and Language laboratory.

Find out more at the Faculty of Social Sciences website.

The Eye Clinic

Child in Eye Clinic.

The Eye Clinic provides comprehensive optometric services to University students, staff and the general public.

It is run by experienced professionals and provides a high-quality learning environment for final year Optometry students.

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Medical Engineering

Our Medical Engineering students benefit from a prosthetic/orthotic joint laboratory containing several state-of-the-art test machines, including a friction hip/knee simulator for evaluating the performance of artificial hip and knee joints.

Find out more at the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics website.

Physiotherapy Clinic

Sport rehabilitation.

The Physiotherapy and Sport Rehabilitation Clinic provides Physiotherapy and Sport Rehabilitation treatment in state-of-the-art facilities to students and the general public, and gives hands-on experience to students.

Forensic Examination Suite

In our dedicated forensic laboratories you will learn about the handling and examination of a whole range of physical evidence.

You will receive exhibits as part of simulated cases, including garments, footwear, bottles, glasses, etc.

You will learn to recover and identify fibres and other trace substances.

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Visit the Faculty of Life Sciences website.

Centre for Chemical and Structural Analysis

The Centre for Chemical and Structural Analysis in the Norcroft Building offers a range of sophisticated and specialist analytical equipment and is the hub of analytical science at the University for both research and commercial projects.

Through the centre, the University offers a array of analytical techniques and services to industrial clients including contract research, routine analysis and training courses.

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See our Research and Business webpages.

Biomedical Science Laboratories

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See the Faculty of Life Sciences website.

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