Sadie Godwin

BA (Hons) Peace Studies

  • Applied through Clearing
  • Loves the diversity and culture of Bradford
Photo of Sadie on her Graduation day

What made you apply through Clearing?

My initial career path was to get into Health and Social Care or Nursing. I knew that I wanted to go to work, not university so I applied for an apprenticeship. Unfortunately didn’t get it, which really put me off.

I ended up taking a gap year and went to Turkey to work abroad. When I came back I decided that I really did want to go to university afterall.

I heard about the University of Bradford through a friend who was studying here at the time, so I came to look around.

How did you find the Clearing process?

The whole process of going through Clearing felt too easy. I had a perception that going to university was hard, I didn’t think that my grades were going to be good enough.

Applying was as simple as calling the helpline and making an application.

I stayed at home in Wakefield while it was all being sorted out. When I came to Bradford it was literally move straight in and start my course. It was as easy as that!

How did you find the Clearing process?
It was all done over the phone and by email - it was so simple!

Did you visit the University before applying?

I came and had a look around the Health Studies department, but I didn’t feel that it was for me.

I then visited the Social Sciences department, and had a chat with an academic. I mentioned that I was interest in world affairs, different cultures and politics and I was recommended Peace Studies.

I did some research into the course and felt like a perfect fit for me!

Did you visit the University before applying?

Did you live in The Green in your first year?

Yes, I applied for The Green at the same time as I made my Clearing application - I loved it!

I was so nervous at first. Living with other people felt a bit like Big Brother.

If I hadn’t lived there I don’t think I would be the outgoing person I am today, I never realised before how much I like meeting new people!

What has been the best thing about studying at Bradford?

My favourite thing about studying at Bradford was the diversity of people on my course.

There are so many different races and religions here which has really opened up my mind and personality.

Some of my best memories are of being a part of the Students' Union.

I was involved with the Netball Team – I made loads of friends and we had a great social life!

Before I came to university I wasn't confident and I wasn't sure what I aspired to be, coming to Bradford has helped shape who I am today.

My advice to anybody coming through Clearing is that if it doesn't work out for you at first, there are always plenty of other doors to open

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