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Sports centre



Adult and Child- CHILDREN AGED 3-5YEARS

For parents and young children to play together in the water - this allows your child to get used to the water and interact whilst being supervised by a qualified instructor.

For children under 5 with an accompanying adult - these lessons help you to take the first steps towards water fun and safety. It is not essential for a parent/guardian to be able to swim to take a baby or child into water. In these classes, a fully qualified teacher will help you to guide the child through the stages towards learning to swim and this will help you both to get used to the water and build confidence.


Childrens lessons  CHILDREN AGED 5+

The lessons are structured to the ASA National Plan and cover all levels and phases, from beginners to advanced including challenge bronze, silver and gold.  


Adult lessons

There are 2 classes - 'beginners or 'improves. Our swimming instructors are highly trained and will get you swimming and feeling confident in the water in no time.

We provide lessons for beginners to improve confidence and install the foundations of swimming.

We also offer swimming lessons for those who can already swim but want to improve their swimming technique and learn new strokes.

Adult swimming lessons are fun, enjoyable and structured to enable the individual swimmer to work at his/her own pace.


Women Only Swimming Lessons

Learn to swim with friendly and welcoming qualified female teachers. Ladies only adult swimming lessons are for all levels of ability whether you are a complete beginner or want to build your water confidence.

Our ladies Adult Swimming lessons help you learn the basic swimming techniques at a pace that is right for you. Beginners lessons work on water confidence and leading to leaning swimming strokes. Intermediate swimming lessons helps individuals developed their swimming stroke and technique. Requirements for adult intermediate is a minimum of 10 metres.