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As part of your Research degree you may be required to work away from the University to carry out Fieldwork. Research students are permitted to do Fieldwork as long as it is an integral part of your course, and meets the following requirements:

• It has a direct relevance to you student’s Projects and training;
• The proposed location is in a suitable and safe environment;
• You and your supervisor have an agreed work plan;
• Adequate supervision and attendance monitoring is in place.

This type of authorised leave absence includes all Fieldwork trips (whether overseas or based in the UK).

It is expected that such trips for full-time students are normally restricted to six months duration (up to a maximum period of one year) during any research project.

Any leave to work away from the University of Bradford must be approved in advance by your Supervisor and Faculty. You will need to request a Fieldwork form from your Faculty. Following the instructions on the form, complete the form and include all relevant Fieldwork documentation including your flight details (if required).

If the Faculty agree and authorise the Fieldwork you will be required to complete a Fieldwork agreement sheet which confirms how you and the faculty will maintain the Tier 4 contact , the Faculty will send the completed forms to the International Student Support & UKVI Compliance .

As a Tier 4 student you must also remember to update your contact details with the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI), and the Police if Police Registration is a condition of your visa, during the time you are away from the University via update your address, and again once you return from your Fieldwork.