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Visa Checkpoint

The University of Bradford requires all international students who hold a Tier 4 visa to attend 2 mandatory checkpoints each academic year. These are held at the beginning of each semester and you will be given notice to attend via email.

What are visa checkpoints?

Visa checkpoints allow the University to confirm and monitor the immigration status of all international students. It is run by the Visa Support Team. We are required by law to confirm and monitor the immigration status of all students and we are accountable to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to ensure the University of Bradford's compliance and maintain our Tier 4 sponsor licence.

What happens at visa checkpoint?

We will check your visa and passport and ensure that you have a valid visa to study at the University of Bradford. We will also ensure that your personal details, including address, telephone number and personal email are up to date. It is also an opportunity for you to talk to us about any visa issues or queries you may have such as extending your visa, taking an absence or progressing on to another course.

What to bring with you:

• Your current visa;
• Your student card;
• Your passport.

If you have submitted a new visa application and do not have your visa you will need to bring the confirmation letter from the UKVI which will confirm you have made a valid, in time application.

If you are unable to attend on the date requested you need to contact the Visa Support Team and confirm why you are unable to attend. We can then advise the next available date to complete the checkpoint.

If you are undertaking a work placement or fieldwork.

If you are on a period of work placement or fieldwork you will not be required to attend the checkpoint. However, if you receive an invite please contact the Visa Support Team to confirm your status.

Missing a checkpoint.

Students are not permitted to miss a checkpoint. Students who fail to attend or fail to present the required information (as required) may be withdrawn from the University of Bradford which may result in cancellation of the student visa.