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Work Placements

Work placements are made available by the voluntary co-operation of companies and other organisations within the University. International Students are permitted to do a work placement as long as this meets the Tier 4 requirements.

Tier 4 requirements

• The time spent on the work placement must be less than 50% of the course in the UK;
• The work placement must be an integral and assessed part of the course;
• The University remains responsible for the student including continuing to undertake sponsorship duties throughout the work placement which includes monitoring your attendance.

Reporting requirements

The University has a duty to meet the Tier 4 compliance duties and therefore we must report work placement details to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). These details are provided by the faculties and include the following:

• Name and address of placement provider;
• Hours of work per week;
• Start and finish date of the placement;
• A change in the work placement details.

As a Tier 4 student you must also remember to update your contact details with the UKVI and with the police if police registration is a condition of your visa. 

Work placements abroad

If you are taking your work placement in your home country or abroad there are 2 options available to you with regards to your Tier 4 (General) student visa.

1. We can remove the Tier 4 sponsorship and when you are ready to return to your studies you will require a new CAS  to apply for a new visa. You would be required to meet the full maintenance requirements when you make the new visa application. The benefit of this includes putting a hold on the amount of time you can spend studying in the UK. Additionally, we would not be required to monitor your attendance for Tier 4 purposes. You would still be required to follow the University attendance guidelines on work placements.

2. We can keep sponsoring you under Tier 4 and therefore you would still be required to meet the Tier 4 attendance monitoring requirements. The benefit of this includes not having to make a new visa application while on placement. However, you may still require a visa extension to complete your course if you have switched from a 3 year course until a 4 year course. You would also be subject to the 6 year cap on study.

For further information please contact the Visa Support Team