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How to make a Tier 4 application from outside the UK

Start Preparing for Your Tier 4 Visa Application

In order to help students to make a successful Tier 4 application, the International Student Support & UKVI Compliance team will be carrying out extra checks before we can issue their CAS. This could mean a delay in getting your CAS so it is imperative that you start planning and preparing for your application now.

The Tier 4 visa application can be a difficult and complex process and we want to ensure that students have all the support they need to get their visa. Students need a total of 40 points to get a Tier 4 visa and also demonstrate that they are a genuine student.

Students will need a CAS to apply for a Tier 4 visa. To ensure that they receive the 30 points for the CAS, students need to check their CAS carefully once they receive it to confirm if the details, for example their name, date of birth, passport number, fees paid, are correct. They will also need to make sure that they have ORIGINAL documents we used to assess academic ability that are listed in the CAS. Any documents not in English will need a certified translation. These will need to be submitted with their application.

Students will get 10 points for having the correct amount of money in a format acceptable to the Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs). Students will need to show living expenses for 9 months at £1,015 per month; total £9,135 PLUS any outstanding tuition fees as shown on their Offer Letter. Based on this information students will be asked to send us a scanned copy of the evidence that they intend to use for their Tier 4 visa application as soon as possible. We will be checking all financial evidence before a CAS can be issued. This could lead to a delay in students getting their CAS in the short term but the aim is to avoid a possible refusal for maintenance. To minimise the delay we would ask students to read the information about making a Tier 4 application outside the UK on our website and start preparing their financial evidence.

In addition to getting the 40 points for the CAS and maintenance (financial evidence), students will be interviewed as part of their application so that the Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) are satisfied that they are a genuine student.

How do the Entry Clearance Officers (ECOs) decide if the students applying to study in the UK are genuine?

Credibility Interview

As part of the Tier 4 application students will be asked a series of questions about their decision to come to study at the University of Bradford. Examples of the sort of questions they may ask are:

Why do you wish to study in the UK?

  • If the costs of doing your course of study in the UK are higher than in your home country, why have you decided to pay this extra cost to study in the UK?
  • Why do you wish to study at Bradford? Have you researched about our facilities, campus, and city? Did you look at any other Universities? What made you choose Bradford after looking at all the choices?
  • Why did you choose this particular course? You will have to show what research you have done and your knowledge of your course
  • How do your studies fit into your career plans? For example will doing this course help you to get a better job and how
  • If you have previously studied in the UK, did you complete this course? Why have you decided to return? Will this study be at a higher level?
  • If you have had a long break in your studies, why are you returning to study now?
  • Do you plan to work in the UK?
  • How will you fund your studies? Have you looked into how much it will cost you to do your course? How will this be paid for? Why you are willing to spend this amount, what will be the benefits?

More details about Interviews can be found at Credibility Interviews 

Students should prepare by fully researching what the University of Bradford and course have to offer you and how this course will help with your future career plans.
You can find more information about us on our Study at Bradford website.

This is the most up to date information to the best of our knowledge. However, the Tier 4 requirements are subject to change and we recommend that you check the UKVI website for the latest guidance.


Applying for a Visa Outside the UK

You will need to set up an account to apply for your visa from abroad through the following link and  the presentation below will assist you in making your application. 

 Guide to Completing your online Tier 4 application abroad 2018

Applying for a Visa Outside the UK April 2017 (260 kb)

Please also read carefully the documentation sent through alongside your CAS letter as this will guide you through the visa application process.

Visa Processing Times

Visa processing times vary from country to country, to check how long it may take to make a decision on your visa outside the UK then please follow the link  

Please remember that the actual processing times may vary depending on your circumstances and the date of application.

Minimising Tier 4 Application Errors- UKVI guidance

Every Year the UKVI receive applications for Tier 4 student visas from indiviuals who want to study in the UK. The vast majority of these are granted, however some are refused due to errors in the application or forms accompanying it.  The link below will advise on how to reduce errors and and the number of incorrect forms submitted.

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