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Under 18s

If you have accepted an offer of a place to study at the University of Bradford and you will be under 18 when you enrol with us, we will require consent from your parents / guardians to study, please find below details of our policy for University Staff, Students and Visitors and our information regarding UK Guardians for international applicants.

You will need to pass these documents on to your parents for them to read and then they should complete the consent proforma which must be returned to the University along with a copy of the Guardians agreement before a CAS can be issued.  

If your UK guardian is a family member or friend, only the consent proforma is required, however if you have a UK guardian from an agency we will also require a copy of your guardians agreement.

The University is unable to issue a CAS for any applicant requiring a Tier 4 Visa who is aged under 16 as we do not hold a Child Sponsor Licence.

Consent Proforma for Under 18s

Consent proforma for Under 18s (Pdf 528kb)

Consent proforma for Under 18s (word 49 kb)

UK Guardians for International Applicants who are under the age of 18

If you will be under the age of 18 when you enrol with the University of Bradford and your parents live outside of the UK, the University requires that you provide details of a guardian based in the UK. Preferably this should be someone who is in or near to Bradford. The guardian should be an adult who the University can contact in case of emergency and can act in loco parentis.

The UK based guardian may be a relative or friend of your family living in the UK but you should discuss these responsibilities with them and ask their consent before providing the University with their contact details.

You will only be able to enrol at the University once you have provided details of a UK based guardian. If, however, you do not have a contact in the UK who is willing and able to act as a guardian then there are a number of agencies who will, for a fee, make guardianship arrangements for you. The University is not able to assist parents in finding a suitable guardian and the UK guardian cannot be a staff member or registered student at the University of Bradford. The role will cease on your 18th birthday.

The Association of Educational Guardians for International Students (AEGIS) inspects and provides accreditation to guardianship organisations in the UK in line with current UK legislation. Further details are available on their website at:

To find a list of approved agencies from this website, choose the region ‘Yorks & Humber’ and select ‘Guardianship’ and ‘Search now’. This will provide details of the different agencies along with their contact details.

If you do not have a contact in the UK who can act as a guardian then you will need to make arrangements to obtain a guardian before arranging for your parents to complete and return the enclosed consent proforma along with a copy of the guardian’s agreement.