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Visa Refusals

If your Tier 4 (General) student visa application is refused, you will receive written notification known as a 'Refusal Notice' from the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO). The Refusal Notice will explain the reasons for refusal. Please scan the Refusal Notice and a copy of all the evidence that you sent with your application to the International Student Support & UKVI Compliance team at

The International Student Support & UKVI Compliance team will make an assessment of your case and will advise you on how to proceed.

Second CAS

If you decide to submit a fresh Tier 4 (General) student visa application, you must not use the same CAS number, a CAS number can only be used once. If your visa has been refused because you have not met the financial requirements, the Visa Support Team will only be able to issue a new CAS when we are certain that your finances are in place. In order to ensure that your new application is successful, we will request you to send us a scanned copy of your bank statements and related documentation prior to issuing a new CAS.

Administrative Review

Depending on the reasons stated on the Refusal Notice, the International Student Support & UKVI Compliance team may recommend that you submit an Administrative Review instead of a new visa application. An Administrative Review is a review of the decision that has been made. This might be because the reason for the refusal needs to be reconsidered, and simply submitting a new application may result in a further refusal.

It is very unlikely that we will issue a new CAS if we believe a further application will be refused, but we will advise you what you will need to do if this occurs. It is important that you keep in regular contact with us if your visa is refused, so we can help you as much as we can.

For further information please contact the International Student Support & UKVI Compliance team at or telephone +44 (0) 1274 236900.