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Welcome to the 'Magnetic Moments in the Past' project website. The project aims to promote archaeomagnetic dating for routine use within UK archaeology.

The project was launched by the University of Bradford and English Heritage in April 2009, and is co-ordinated by Dr. Cathy Batt (University of Bradford). The work was funded by the AHRC Knowledge Transfer Fellowship (project reference AH/G01020X/1).

For further information, email

The website is divided into the following sections:

  • 'About the project' summarises the aims and objectives of the project
  • 'Archaeomagnetic dating' introduces the archaeomagnetic dating technique, what it dates, issues of calibration and the laboratories that carry out the work
  • 'UK Archaeomagnetic studies' presents information about the archaeomagnetic studies that have been carried out in the UK since the 1950s
  • 'Frequently asked questions' addresses specific questions that have been raised about the technique by archaeologists
  • 'Contact us' provides details for the project co-ordinator
  • 'Further information' provides additional information that may be useful, including glossaries, a bibliography and links to other websites


Several people have contributed to this project, and their help was appreciated: Don Tarling, Mark Noel, Mark Hounslow, John Shaw, Mimi Hill, Andy Hammon, Tim Howard, John Newman, Andy Howard, Beverley Ballin Smith, Steve Dockrill, Julie Bond, Sarah-Jane Clelland, Irene Zananiri, Alan Powell, Dave Greenwood, Amanda Forster, Jo McKenzie, Suzy Blake, Tom Sparrow, Clare Jewess and Daniel Bashford.